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Phoning Reception

Please call after 11.00am for all queries other than appointments and home visits.


There are occasions when patients need to be examined by a Doctor which may involve intimate examinations. It is usual for another person to be present at these times to safeguard the Doctor and the patient. A Doctor will usually suggest a chaperone for these examinations. If you wish a chaperone to be present at any time, ask the Doctor. It may not be possible for a chaperone to be provided immediately. You may have to return for the examination to be carried out at a mutually convenient time. Alternatively, you may wish a friend or relative to come with you.

Freedom Of Information Act Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 obliges the Practice to produce a Publication Scheme. A Publication Scheme is a guide to the 'classes' of information the Practice intends to routinely make available. Information on this scheme is available from Reception.

Health Promotion

The aim of promoting health is to try and identify risk factors at an early stage and thereby prevent them from causing ill health. For this reason we will ask about drinking and smoking.

Hospital Appointments

If you need to find details of your hospital appointment, please phone the hospital and ask for the appointments clerk (see hospital phone numbers in the useful contacts section).

Medical Examinations

Medical examinations for special purposes, such as fitness to travel, pre-employment, insurance, driving medicals etc are undertaken outside normal Practice hours. A fee will be payable. Please contact the Practice to make an appointment.

Travel Advice

Our Practice Nurses will be pleased to give advice to those patients going abroad. We are a registered yellow fever centre. Please allow adequate time in order for any vaccine(s) to become effective. Certain vaccines are chargeable; please ask at the time of booking.

Before You Go

Well before travelling abroad, check with your travel agent or the tourist office/embassy of the country you intend to visit on any special precautions you may need to take.

At least two months before departure, discuss any vaccination requirements with the Practice Nurse. Pack a small first aid kit containing adhesive dressings, insect repellent, antiseptic cream and water purification tablets etc. Your pharmacist can advise.

When Abroad

Check the quality of the drinking water. If in doubt, either drink only bottled water or use water purification tablets. Avoid ice in drinks as this may have been made from suspect water. Raw vegetables, salads and fresh fruits should be carefully washed in clean water. If in doubt stick to freshly cooked food.

Beware of the sun! Use a high factor sunscreen especially in the first few days of exposure. Children in particular should be closely monitored in this respect.

In hot climates, drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks. If you are not passing water regularly you are not drinking enough.

On Your Return

If you fall ill, don't forget to tell your Doctor you have travelled abroad.

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